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Pre-eminent: "surpassing all others; very distinguished in some way.""

Pre-Eminent is one of my upcoming projects. It’s focused on bringing premium exclusive designs for poker chips. The idea came up when I was looking for new poker cards. After finding some luxury poker cards I wanted some luxury designed poker chips. I thought the standard Poker Chips I owned weren’t very luxury or exciting. I came early to the conclusion after browsing and searching for luxury Poker Chips there weren’t any. There are plenty of designed cards but poker Chips are all standard. My next thought was, why not make them myself.

Thought process

I came up with pre-eminent as a name because Poker is in the core to surpass all others. In the end you have to beat your opponent. The name gives a luxury feeling, this is perfect in combination with luxury designs. The idea of having something luxury is to surpass others. You have something that is exclusive or expensive that somebody doesn’t have or most people don’t have. Other definitions of pre-eminent are supreme, rank or important which also stays in line with a luxury product. The name itself originates from Latin which staples the luxury feeling. You are not buying a normal product, but a Pre-Eminent product.

Marketing strategy

At the moment I’m making designs and looking for a good manufacturer. Some examples of designs can be seen on this page. To startup and get the boat going I will work with retailers who only sell poker products, I will also probably sell the chips on platforms like and Amazon to get more well known. My strategy is to get customers on my own website so I don’t have to pay the retailers/platform. The key to successfully implement the strategy is advertising on google ads and Facebook ads in combination with the retailers/platforms. Customers will notice your products through platforms/retailers but also ads, this ensures that customers will notice the name pre-eminent.