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Edge Life

"Fashions fade, style is eternal." —Yves Saint Laurent

Edge Life is my own clothing brand that I made with a friend. Our vision was to make story telling clothes through art that appealed to the streetwear culture. These stories are addressing the problems that orginites of the current society. The start-up process was really natural. Because I'm an artist I could make the designs, artwork, videos, website and any other creative aspect while Jelle took care of the financials, business contacts and transforming my ideas into business and our following. The website, logo and the clothing designs are all self made.


The website is made by the philosophy ~'Living o*n the edge'~ which is the brand asset of Edge Life. Very dark and a whole own style with use of gifs made the home page very original. I specially made the homepage interesting and ofcourse put a call to action on the first look of the website to make the bounce rate as low as possible. With the rest of the website I maintained this style

You can visit the site here. At the moment the Edge Life project is on freeze. Due to the succes of Mauway, I can't fully commit to Edge Life. I live by doing a project good or quit it. In this case it was the best option to temporarily quit and fully focus on Mauway.




Promo Video

I made a promo video for Edge Life to people for people to interpret a certain feeling with Edge Life. The quick transitions and dark feeling represents the aesthetics of Edge Life. It got the compliments of Ruben Verhagen, big fashion designer mainly active in the Electronic music scene. The plans were to make a behind the scenes video of the 18/19 photoshoot for the about page.


The logo is a bit dark but distinct. It shows two keys with the brand name Edge Life. The keys are an important brand asset. People can easily remember and recognize the keys and link it to Edge Life. It's very important to us to be easily recognizable and create brand awareness. The keys have a classical look which flows but also set-off with the designs and website. The combination of glitchy streetwear/ modern influences with classical styles and art really come together with the logo. 


The designs shows the combination of classical art with streetwear. With the designs I tried to have with each design an underlying meaning. Down below some examples of the designs.