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The Panic Room

“Content is fire, social media is gasoline.” - Jay Baer

The Panic Room is my upcoming project. It’s a Spotify playlist with dark/energetic house. It will create an underground party feeling. The idea came up when I was thinking of a way to generate more listeners to my music, make my brand (mauway) more unique, make mauway more competitive with labels for a better bargaining position and also generate income besides Mauway but still music related. The solution is a playlist. With a playlist music labels will be more interested in publishing my music, I can ask for a higher percentage of revenue because I also deliver streams through my playlist, I can make money through the playlist and I can add my own songs to the playlist which also generates income and more listeners. The playlist will be curated by me, which means my Spotify account will be visible in the description of the playlist which results in more traction to my Spotify account playlist. A playlist is the perfect solution to make the brand Mauway stronger and generate more income.

Marketing strategy

The marketing strategy is simple: Facebook advertisements. The Facebook ads will be mainly targeted in Brazil/Germany/Spain/Mexico and the United States. These countries listen the most to my music ( dark/energetic house) and my research shows that in these countries house music is most popular. My target is to have 50,000 followers in a year from the start with advertising. A respectable playlist will have around this number of followers. To generate income 50,000 followers is the bottom limit of getting a steady income of the playlist.

Pure House

Pure House is another playlist which I'm working on. This is less a niche playlist. The playlist is targeted for the house lovers. A playlist with the best selected house of the moment. In the Pure House playlist you will get the best en most pure house.