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Story behind Mauway

For me, electronic music is the classical music of the 21st century. ~"Jean-Michel Jarre"~

Mauway is my brand for making music, it's my life project. Like my fashion designs and paintings, I try to be original and make something unique that is appealing to the public but still different. The sound of Mauway is focussed on combining a dark deep sound with house and influences of Techno. Developing my dark sound while keeping it still unique and true to myself not only helped me to make more music but also making it a USP. My whole brand is build on this dark sound. Fans and labels love the unique sound. The power of my unique sound helped me a a lot to further build up my carreer through labels which helped me with more fans. The result of a succesful marketing strategy. For example in the summer of 2019 I had 15,000 streams with Quasar. I decided to release Crypto. A much more energetic take on my sound, it payed off. Crypto was picked up by Spotify curators. Firstly it was put in Shuffle Syndrome, a playplist with over 690k followers. After Shuffle Syndrome, Power Hour (a playlist with over 1,9 million followers) picked up Crypto. It was a dream come true. After this succes I was determined to push Mauway further. I got in contact with a classmate who was doing an internship at Storm Music, label based in Den Haag. A few weeks later Save Me, Turn Up The Bass and Crypto were signed. I have released several other tracks on Storm Music and have over 2.7 million streams. At the moment I'm looking for other labels like, Found Frequencies, Axtone, Soave records, Spinnin records, Heldeep and STMPD. These labels could represent my style and darkness and push my work further.

Marketing Strategy

Jon Taffer, Entrepeneur: “Human interaction is something that I believe, as humans, we crave for. And that is where bars and social environments come into play.”


On Youtube I upload my music and other content. I started doing weekly mixes called Mauway's Panic Room. It represents the dark and energetic vibe of Mauway. My standard designer made a design and I started uploading. Unfortunately the views were horrible. I even couldn't get 100 views on a video. So I started thinking out of box. I wanted to get more traction to my channel and wanted to make dj sets. So my conclusion was that the SEO/searchability of my video's are not good. After changing the title/description and thumbnail to a more generic accesible feel. The result: 1600 views on my first mix and at the time of writing my second mix has over 10k views. 10k views relative to my 175 subscribers means that the content is appealing to new people. Adapting the marketing strategy and name the mistakes helped me a lot to have a good result. Down below a snippet of the video. Click here to watch the full video.





Spotify is the platform where most people listen to my music. Spotify is the biggest and most well known music platform in the industry. It is definining for my succes and an indicator how well known Mauway is. With over 2.7 million streams I'm on my way to become bigger and bigger on Spotify. Big Benefit of Spotify is information about my target group and keep track of the daily streams. Spotify gives a clear view of how old, what gender and where my listeners are based. This information can be used for ads or other campaigns.


Instagram,Twitter and Facebook is purely for posting new snippets of music and interacting with fans. Instagram is of the 3 platforms the most important one. It is the platform where I have the most followers. It is also really easy to contact people on Instagram which is essential to have personal contact.


Email is the most important platform. On email I send my music to other labels, contact other artists and send demo's to dj's. Emails are essential to contact labels. Labels are essential to get more contacts and get known in the music industry.

Amplify link

Amplify Link isn''t really a platform but more a tool. It creates a link to a collection of links to all streaming platforms and shops where my music can be streamed or bought.

Upcoming ideas/projects

"The future is not something to predict. The future is something to build.."— Franco Ongaro

I have several upcoming ideas which I'm working on for Mauway.

- Uploading live sets on social media, probably twitch.

- A personal playlist for my fans.

- Looking for new labels to diversify my releases.

- Looking for a dj agency to begin djing and do shows when clubs are reopening.